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MEXICO and contacts within WAIS

Isaac Kos-Read ( is going to Mexico on a Fulbright Scholarhip. He writes:

"In preparation for this coming year, I have been furthering my knowledge of Mexico, with the help of your e-mail exchanges and by reading, reading, and more reading (usually trying to avoid the US media's superficial, "impatient," and "lazy" - according to Jim Wheelan - treatment of the region).

I will be in Guadalajara doing strategic planning for a graphic art company called Tegrafik. This is the internship part of the program. The academic part will consist of taking classes in finance, administration, and marketing at the ITESM campus in Guadalajara. I am trained in economics, yet my technical approach to social problems is always informed by the knowledge I gain from reading the literature, following the politics, and studying the manifestation of culture through music, dance, theater, food, and people. I just graduated from Stanford, Phi Beta Kappa, receiving an AB in Economics and Latin American Studies, with honors in the latter. "

My request: Would anyone who can help Isaac please contact him? Thanks. hope Isaac will send us reports from Guadalajara. Who killed the Archbishop?

Ronald Hilton - 7/04/00