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MEXICO: Indigenous Mexican Indians

Linda Nyquist says: "The Indians probably are being used. The inspiration for their sit-in, which undoubtedly comes from a source outside the Indian community, has in a way given them a false sense of hope. There is no possibility whatsoever that they would be admitted to the US, and their actions will now bring even more enmity from the existing Mexican government. Frankly, if they agitate too much, and there are not a lot of foreign observers and/or archbishops to take their cause to the international level, their very lives may be in jeopardy. Look what happened to Paola when her family supported the rights of indigenous peoples.

The idea of referring to these desperate Indians as engaging in a stunt is uncaring and morally reprehensible. I'd like all of these people to have to live in one of these Indian villages for a few months, eating the disgusting food and drinking the filthy water. And going to the bathroom you-know-where. Getting hookworm in their feet because I won't give them any shoes. Well, you get the picture".

My comment: "Stunt" referred not to the Indians but to the people who are using them to embarrass President Fox.

Ronald Hilton - 8/13/02