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The Mayas

     Linda Nyquist wonders what to do about all the fantasies circulating about pre-history. She mentions the Mormons, who have a problem because the Book of Mormon mentions wheeled vehicles in pre-Colombian America. Confronting skepticism, they searched desperately for proof. They were delighted when wheeled toys were found near Jalapa. Mainline anthropologists say that these wheels were used only on toys. Linda writes:
     Through the years, I have seen several books assuring the reader that the pyramids were built by aliens, etc. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your point of view), some of these are sufficiently well-written that they are passingly convincing. My preference would be for students of mine to stay away from them until they have a lot of study under their collective belt so that they can be dissected from a more enlightened point of view.
     The Mormons were doing some archeological work in Mexico to support their commitment to the Angel Moroni's appearance in the Americas (at least, I think this is what they are doing). They seemed especially interested in the area around Chiapa de Corzo, a little place just near the Grijalva Canyon in southern Mexico.

Ronald Hilton - 1/11/00