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Medical Mafia

     Televisa has devoted an enormous amount of time, in several episodes, to the story of the criminal network which takes kidneys from poor children and sells them at fabulous prices to wealthy people needing one. The reporters used hidden cameras to film the operation. They then confronted the "priest" on the Plaza de la Revolución, and he ran for his life down the streets of Mexico. Tomorrow I hope we will be told if he was caught. When Televisa asked several officials about these criminal activities, they were evasive.
     Linda Nyquist, who knows both hospitals and Mexico well, writes: I know those hospitals, which I would call "sanitorios," as they are rather small. Frankly, I can't imagine them doing any kind of transplant surgery with any rate of success. However, a couple of years ago a similar scandal erupted in the area of San Luis Potosi. It seemed that in the Salubridad Hospital and inordinate number of infants were dying. Sadly, lots of infants don't make it, but this number was extraordinary. It seemed that when returned to the parents for burial, these infants had incisions and sutures, and there were claims that organs had been harvested. The whole thing was a MESS, and then just disappeared, as news stories often do.

Ronald Hilton - 5/12/00