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MEXICO and CUBA: Conflicting viewpoints

Linda Nyquist is a cultural anthropologist with much experience in Mexico and in matters medical. She says her statements are objective:

"The conditions which I describe are accurate, and I hope that other WAISers who have first-hand experience will come forth and support my reporting. Just recently, there has been a series of articles in the Seattle Times on the continuation of the work in the Puerto Vallarta garbage dump which was started by a couple killed in the Alaska Airlines crash last year. The people living in the dump have housing, health care, clean food and water?

And there is one comment that "folk medicines generally work." They DO NOT. Some folk medicines are helpful. Some have anti-viral properties. But the folk medicine in Mexico is not well-codified among the people, and many of the practices are downright harmful. Respiratory infections, parasitic diseases, and childhood diseases for which there are vaccines continue to sicken and even kill. PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization statistics). "

My comment: I will post a message from another WAIS expert, Hank Levin, confirming what Linda says.

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/01