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Mexicans vary widely in their judgment of the US. This goes for Mexican students at Stanford, raising the question of the impact of a US education on their views. My guess is that people whose interests are endangered by the US, some traditionalists, and leftists are more critical. Liliana Quintanar writes: "I completely disagree with Carlos Galvez's views; particularly when he says that "Mexicans in general... have come to admire American values". It is true that many Mexicans have adopted American consumerism, as a result of all transnational companies entering our market with very aggressive campaigns (and often very unfair competition with the local brands). But consuming American products and even thinking that American products are "better" or more "cool" than the locally produced ones doesn't mean that Mexicans admire American values. One thing is to admire American products and another is to admire the so-called "American values" and the US educational, economic and political systems.

A significant percentage of Mexicans are aware of how the US uses these "values" as labels for its policies, which not only in Mexico, but all over the world, do not necessarily go along the lines of freedom, democracy and justice. Many Mexicans who have been more exposed to the US educational, economic and political systems realize that they have a lot of deficiencies, and recognize that adopting the US systems for Mexico would not be such a good idea".

Ronald Hilton - 11/25/01