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Juan Pablo Senosiain takes issue with two postings:

  1. "Mr Schwartz has a fantastic perception of economic distribution in Mexico. The middle class is neither large nor growing, look at the hard figures. For example in 1984 the highest decile (the wealthiest tenth) of the population received 38.1% of the total income, while the 4 lowest deciles (40%) shared only 10.5%. In 1989 these 4 lowest deciles still received 10.5% , while the top decile received 48.4%. In short, the middle class is has shrunk considerably (see, for example, "Pobreza y distribución del ingreso en México", Julio Boltvinik y Enrique Hernández Laos)

  2. Marcos is not the first leftist leader to be criticized because of his middle-class origins. While not a neozapatista myself, I do not accept this common criticism. He may not be representative of the indigenous peasants of Chiapas, but he is definitely committed to their cause. Quite contrary to Mr. Brown's conclusion, I think that the fact that he *chose* to leave behind a comfortable lifestyle and endure the hardships of the rainforest gives him credibility."

Ronald Hilton - 12/15/00