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Mexico City: The decline of

Linda Nyquist laments the decline of Mexico City:

"I was saddened to learn of the problems in Tepito, which are characteristic of crime all around this once magnificent city. My taxi-driver informant has told me that he has almost no tourist business. There are businessmen, and Europeans on tour packages, but very few individual norteamericano tourists as in former days. I used to drive from my house in Lomas to Tepito to shop, then park downtown near the Zocalo, walk around making purchases, and drive myself home! This seems like a world ago. Mexico City was wonderful to live in then. Of course, I was concerned about the poverty, but it seems worse now and, combined with the extreme crime, is not the most attractive place to be. I have been robbed at gunpoint twice in the last 10 years. Both in the middle of the day and in/near the tourist Zona Rosa. When there, I feel as though I have to be watching my back all the time, be ever vigilant of everyone around me, etc. All in all, at least for me, I cannot enjoy myself in a carefree way as in the years up to about 1985-90.

Mr. Dubin had lots of stories about Mr. Pani. He apparently continued to frequent the Reforma, where the politicians gathered each morning for breakfast. I recall seeing these important men and thinking about all the power collected in that dining room".

Ronald Hilton - 8/5/01