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Mining in Mexico

Linda Nyquist says: "Every summer I dedicate myself to some area of Latin America: one summer it was historical mining in Mexico. I studied the mining history of Zacatecas and wonderful, magical places like Real del Catorce near Matehuala, which is now considered a "ciudad de leyenda." We spent several days getting up there some years ago before tourists discovered it. We found the remains of large homes guarded by gargoyles, a church, cemetery, mint, and opera house! All accessed through a mile-long tunnel (the Ogorrio tunnel) on which a narrow-gauge train once travelled. This place is 9000 feet above the valley near Matehuala, Mexico (north of San Luis Potosi). It was one of the best trips of my life!

That is NOT to say that is was/is good for the miners. What a testament to human suffering and the disregard for human life! There is a mine open to the public in Zacatecas now, called La Mina del Eden, which certainly was an Eden for the owners, if not for the miners. You enter the mine in little mine cars and go down and down, and then walk around, as the guides explain that in colonial times the miners entered and left by ropes and ladders, many falling to their deaths through the many crevices. The mine tunnels all over a mountain on which a town sits, which makes me wonder how stable it is for the modern development which is going on.. Then you leave via elevator. Zacatecas, off the tourist track for most visitors, is well-worth the time it takes to get there. Highly recommended!"

Ronald Hilton - 3/31/03