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MEXICO: Muslims in Chiapas

The well-known Mexico specialist George Collier answers some of Susana Hayward's questions about the Muslim group on the outskirts of San Cristobal: "Susana Hayward's background information that the group consists of ex-Evangelical expatriot Chamulas is I believe correct. The leader of this group was Domingo Lopez Angel, who protagonized a fairly prominent group of expatriot Chamula Evangelicals in the San Cristobal barriadas. Shortly after the 1994 Zapatista rebellion, this group was affiliated with the "Lombardistas," and protagonized a renegade taxi movement, which flourished after the collapse of PRI control of transport, and is said to have used stolen vehicles. A few years ago, the group was "busted" -- the Lombardistas dispersed, and some among them -- including Domingo Lopez Angel -- jailed in the Cerro Hueco prison in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Then, when Domingo Lopez Angel was released from prison, he joined into this Muslim group. I do not believe that this group is affiliated with the Zapatistas. It was one of many splinter groups that grabbed power after 1994 in the context of the collapse of state and federal power in the region after the 1994 rebellion".

Ronald Hilton - 4/30/03