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The Nation State vs. the Capital

     As noted earlier, the "democratic" election of the governor of the Federal District has led to a confrontation with the national government which previously had appointed him. The city government controlled by the leftist PRD is doing all it can to harass the PRI government of President Ernesto Zedillo, who personally impresses me as an honest, devoted and educated public servant.
     The interrogation in a Puebla jail of "the Cook", accused of involvement in the death of Paco Stanley, continues its strange course. Perhaps some Puebla WAISers can explain what is going on. It looks as though the PRD is trying to smear the Zedillo government with charges of corruption against the Minister of Tourism, who was the last appointed governor of the Federal District. Certainly there is fire behind this smoke.
     The congress of the Federal District is makes a mockery of democracy. In its efforts to sabotage the national government, the PRD has staged a campaign against the introduction of daylight-saving time and asked that the capital be exempted. The chaos this would create was not mentioned. Instead, it was charged that daylight-saving time would interfere with the Mexican habit of the maņanero, having sex in the morning. I did not know this meaning of the word, nor is it listed in my array of Spanish dictionaries. Perhaps other Latin Americans can tell us if the word is used in this meaning in other countries.
     Strikers continue to create chaos in the National University and in the affiliated high schools. They claim they are fighting for their rights, but they are really ensuring that they will not have an education. While the capital is in chaos, the countryside is being ruined by drought in much of the north and the inability to compete with corn imports from the US. The Economist (4/1/00) has an article entitled "Mexico: Farmed out." Yet, despite all this, the same issue has an article which speaks well of the Mexican economy, saying it will survive the presidential election in July without economic turbulence. Do you understand economics?

Ronald Hilton - 4/8/00