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Opus Dei

     The strong feelings, pro and con, which the Opus Dei arouses are extraordinary. David Cavazos is in the second column:
     "Opus Dei families are brainwashed to stop using birth control methods. This results in mothers having more than 10 children. Also, children and young people are urged to join the Opus Dei and to free themselves from their opulence; they have to share with the organization their earnings. There are many levels of participation and involvement in this organization, the higher you go the more money involved."
     Put Greg Guanxi in the first column:
     "A friend of mine attended Cedros 1978-85, an Opus Dei primary and secondary school in Mexico City, perhaps the same school where David Crow taught. He also attended the Pan-American University, a Catholic school where the Opus Dei are charged with teaching compulsory religion courses. He denies that physical abuse was ever used during his time as a student. Indeed, he recalls a teacher who was dismissed for throwing a blackboard eraser at one of his friends.
     He does concur that the organization successfully targets the elite upper class, but this is not their only mission. They also provide scholarships to needy students, of which he was a beneficiary. He credits Opus Dei with providing him a superior education. He is currently a fellow in Pediatrics at Baylor University. Interested readers may check out Escriva Balaguer's philosophy in Camino for further insight into Opus Dei."

Ronald Hilton - 3/15/00