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Octavio Paz

For a second day, Mexican TV news was devoted largely to Octavio Paz, the occasion being his state funeral attended by a crowd of intellectual and other leaders. In attendance was the whole cabinet, headed by President Zedillo, who read a eulogy. In Spain also there were similar expressions of sorrow, but Mexico tried to give the impression that the world was in mourning. This was helped by a State Department spokesman, who said that the American people shared Mexico's sorrow. The State Department would not have issued a similar statement had the deceased been Carlos Fuentes, a nagging critic of the U.S., or Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Castro's buddy. Octavio Paz, on the contrary, was friendly to the United States and a harsh critic of Castro's regime. Mexican TV ran an interview with a Cuban writer who had been a political prisoner and for whom Octavio Paz obtained permission to leave Cuba.
Ronald Hilton - 03/27/98

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