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Mexico, Petroleum and the Economy

The drop in oil prices has caused a serious problem for the Mexican economy. It is described in a long report by Mexpaz which reflects the shrill nationalism that led to the expropriation of U.S. and British oil properties and which today inspires protests against plans to privatize PEMEX. The U.S. is described as a vampire. We invite WAIS members in Mexico to comment on this.
Ronald Hilton - 03/23/98

Replies to Mexico, Petroleum and the Economy

WAIS Vice Chairman Paul Rich comments from Mexico that PEMEX is more than a commercial company:

"Pemex, the Mexican state oil company has an elaborate system of hospitals, clinics, schools, university scholarships, social clubs, insurance benefits, and other social service facilities, so when the issue of privatization is discussed, the many, many people who benefit from this become emotionally involved."

Paul Rich - 03/23/98