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Politics, UNAM and PAN

     Ana María León of PAN expresses widespread anger at the statement of the UNAM strikers. She says:
     I cannot believe that the so-called students of the General Strike Council are pretending to obtain international support to their movement on the arguments expressed on this message when they have kept the University kidnapped for nine months; when they have refused, time and again, to sustain a rational dialogue with the University authorities; when they have used violence whenever it has been convenient for their interests that, by the way, seem to be far from "free education for all".
     Alejo Orvañanos expressed the hope that I would meet Santiago Creel of PAN at a Stanford meeting on the Mexican elections held at Stanford on Friday, February 4. Unfortunately I was unable to go, but I will have reports on it. Alejo says:
     I understand Santiago Creel is speaking at Stanford this weekend. Santiago is the PAN candidate to Mexico City Governor. I hope you get a chance to meet this bright, young and decent man who is one of this country's better politicians. I have known Santiago for a long time and might soon be working closely with him on his new endeavor.

Ronald Hilton - 2/5/00