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MEXICO: Popular religion. Shrines to the Virgin

Linda Nyquist is a freethinker, but she practices the key virtue of charity. He writes: "Some years ago I offered a tour in Mexico called "The Sacred Shrines of Mexico" which started in Mexico City and ended in Guadalajara. The trip followed the colonial route, but included a special visit to the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, which is of special importance to Mexican-Americans [why? RH].. I am sending you a copy of that program by US mail, as I believe you will find it interesting. After the expenses of the program were paid (and I did it without remuneration of any kind), all the monies went to Father Wasson's orphanage in Mexico. We had a very good time." This is much kinder than telling the children horror stories. I wonder if the children know what they owe Linda?

Ronald Hilton - 12/30/01