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MEXICO: How much poverty--Russ Bartley

Informed gringos are divided over the Mexican situation. Russ Bartley stresses that his disagreement with people like Tim Brown and Stephen Schwartz is not the result of ignorance: "I am probably as intimately familiar with Mexico as any of WAIS’s non-Mexican associates. I was for ten years a correspondent for the Mexico City daily Unomásuno, at the time the most professional and politically influential newspaper in the country. I reported from the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America; contributed investigative pieces, feature interviews, commentary and essays, severing my ties with the paper only when it was cynically co-opted by the Salinas administration and its founding editor forced into exile. I have also written for the Revista Mexicana de Comunicación, Mexico’s leading periodical for media professionals, and remain deeply involved in the ongoing investigation of the 1984 assassination of Mexico’s most influential political columnist, Manuel Buendía; the Buendía affair is historically significant because it marks the early stage of the political transformation of Mexico from the old PRI-dominated order to NAFTA and the structural sea change signaled by the election of Fox Quesada. In a much remarked commentary that appeared years ago in Unomásuno, I noted that not all güeros are gringos, nor are all gringos English-speaking. It is a matter of attitude rather than national origin; of how we see ourselves in relation to others."

Ronald Hilton - 12/16/00