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MEXICO: Presidential Elections !Viva Mexico!

The well-known Hungarian philosopher Richard N.Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) sad that only the concept of gentleman will save democracy. This would have disqualified most "democratic" systems, including that of the United States, which are characterized not by a polite exchange of ideas but by misrepresentation, insults, and the search for dirt on the opponent. If the world's democracies were rated according to the aforementioned criteria, Spain would come in the top tier. Its political life is characterized by a Victorian dignity which is an inheritance of its old regime. Pray god this democratic nobility is not lost.

How Mexico will rate remains to be seen, but its President Ernesto Zedillo and its President Elect Vicente Fox have set a splendid example. Interviewed this morning on Televisa, Fox gave an impression of dignity, generosity, reasonableness, and what Ortega y Gasset called don de mando. Zedillo also has shown these qualities.

The defeated parties which did their best to annul the election results have begun a vicious campaign to discredit Zedillo. They should not, they will not succeed. The dogs bark, but the caravan passes. Or at least, so we hope.

Ronald Hilton - 6/11/00