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MEXICO: Presidential Elections. Mexicans Abroad.

The elections were unusual in that Mexican citizens living abroad could vote. Those living in the United States mostly crossed the border to vote, but elsewhere they could vote at the nearest diplomatic mission. A perhaps incomplete count gave the number who had voted in each country. The number in the US, 558, presumably did not include those who went to Mexico to vote. Next came Canada (73), Spain (70), Germany (47), Great Britain (52), France (38), Switzerland (20). At the bottom, with just one voter, came many countries, including Zimbabwe.

The distribution of the votes gave a surprising advantage to Fox, who got 864, followed by Cardenas 106 and Labastida 61. Presumably the Cardenas vote represented poor Mexicans living in the United States, while the more affluent, including businessmen and Mexican officials, voted for Fox. Labastida's poor showing showed the general discredit of the PRI.

Ronald Hilton - 7/13/00