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MEXICO: A PRI Supporter

Linda Nyquist, who feels for the underprivileged, befriends simple Mexicans and invited one to visit her. She sends a report which throws light on the PRI machine, which has just broken down. Linda writes: "My friend is here from Cholula. Although a property owner and respected member of the community, she is a humble woman with limited economic resources. Her perspectives on the election are extremely interesting. In the first place, she went to the polls knowing absolutely NOTHING about the candidates, and caring even less. Her vote was for the PRI, as she believes the PRI is responsible for food programs for children and subsidized tortillas. She has absolutely no understanding whatsoever that these benefits come from tax dollars and that the citizens pay for these benefits in one way or another. They are seen as "gifts" from the PRI, and the origin of these gifts is neither understood nor questioned.

Lastly, she says that as a PRI member, they pay less tax on the little business they have. If this is true, that party membership reduces your tax burden, then the whole situation really is hopeless!"

Ronald Hilton - 7/11/00