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MEXICO: Presidential Elections

Jim Whelan defends his viewpoint:

"It would be an egregious error to suppose that because I have serious reservations about Fox that I do not understand the significance or importance of Sunday's balloting. Whether those reservations are well-grounded or baseless is a question time will answer. In a similar vein, I fail to see how it detracts from the importance of an event to attempt to put it in perspective (the criticism about the Pinochet comparison was well-taken -- I couldn't resist the temptation because of the coincidence in the percentages). And finally, I don't understand how one can speak of "general rejoicing" when 56 percent of those who did vote, voted for other candidates. All of us can rejoice at the exemplary quality of these elections, and the peaceful aftermath. By the way, I left no doubt as to the significance I attached to these elections in the 2,500-word article on the subject I published two weeks ago."

My comment: Jim is right: "General rejoicing" is too general. However, alas, he was wrong in speaking about "the peaceful aftermath." See the posting "MEXICO. The Presidential Elections. The Morning After."

Ronald Hilton - 7/06/00