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MEXICO: President Fox

The charro, a horseman with a big sombrero, is the symbol of Mexico. To show that he is a real Mexican, not sold out to the yanquis, President Fox has been promoting the charro. Charro police now patrol Mexico City. To show that he was defiantly Mexican, charro Fox with a group of charros rode up to the American border holding a large Mexican flag. Splendid patriotic show, but riding a horse damaged Fox's lower back, and we went to hospital for an operation. This brought out the surprising fact that the Mexican constitution has no vice-president. Fox designated as acting what? Santiago Creel, Minister of the Interior (gobierno), but suppose Fox had died or was unconscious, there would have been a mad rush to seize power. The situation provoked a minor panic, but as yet I have seen no explanation as to why the 1917 constitution has no vice-president or whether there is a proposal to amend the constitution. Any clarification of this would be appreciated; perhaps Chapp Lawson can help. Now if only Fox had taken the train to the border, there would have been no crisis and Fox would be better informed about the state of Mexican railroads.

Ronald Hilton - 3/15/03