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Presidential Race and US Elections

     Vicente Fox is making a good impression on Americans. Miles Seeley writes:
     "I saw Vicente Fox on the Lehrer News Hour tonight. I was quite impressed. He seemed a combination of experienced businessman, internationalist, and proud nationalist. His push for a real 2-party system seems to be attracting support, and I imagine PRI is worried. Some things he espouses, like a totally open border with the US in 20 years or less, seem very idealistic, but I liked his argument for an international force to combat the drug trade."

     My comment: I receive postings from an operation which claims most Mexican-Americans are for Cárdenas. Fox tailors his replies to Americans so as not to offend Mexicans, most of whom have no understanding of Americans´ attitude toward the border problem. Today a Californian was complaining angrily that Mexican trucks bringing cheap avocados across the border wreck Californian roads, while California can do nothing about it because the whole business is in the hands of the federal government. The idea of an international force to combat the drug trade reflects Mexican demands that the system of certification by the US stop. Yesterday was the anniversary of the birthday of Benito Juárez, which was celebrated in most Mexican cities. The speeches made gave a good idea of Mexican concerns.

Ronald Hilton - 3/22/00