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MEXICO: A PRI Supporter

Bruno Naranjo doubted that in Cholula there could be a voter as uninformed as the one Linda Nyquist described. Linda replies:

"My friend from Cholula is over 40 years of age. She had only 1 year of schooling. For this population, I believe she is fairly typical. Certainly I know many, many persons middle-aged and above with only 1-3 years of primary schooling. [I assume Linda means Mexicans].

The parties did indeed bombard the population with information. The point was that as a Priista, believing that the PRI was the only hope of any good, she did not listen at ALL to the opposition. She did not know the most basic facts about Fox. In fact, she wasn't really sure about the name of the opposition party, and thought that Cardenas and Fox were on the same side." My comment: Linda's testimony rings true. I know university professors here who simply refuse to listen to candidates from another party As for Cardenas and Fox being on the same side, well they were against the same side, and for a long time there was talk of their choosing a single candidate. Fox must be glad that this possibility, proposed when he seemed to have little chance, did not materialize.

Ronald Hilton - 7/12/00