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MEXICO: The Media--Proceso still alive and kicking

In our discussion of the worldwide decline of the Marxist, extreme left-wing press, we noted the absence of any such newspaper in Mexico, even though in recent years the press there has been much freer. Linda Nyquist asked about Proceso. David Crow replied:

"Proceso is indeed still being published, and may be consulted on-line at: However, some consider its quality to have declined after founding editor Julio Scherer Garcia's departure and a subsequent staff shakeup some months ago. Some of the magazine's finest pens left. It's not really a leftist magazine, and certainly not in the sense of being a party organ or having informal ties to a party (as La Jornada seems to). Proceso is very critical, but even-handed."

We were also puzzled by the change in Televisa. Jose Luis Mogollon Alvarez Morphy gives this explanation: "Televisa is not changing because it's trying to regain some influence on Mexican politics. It's a much simpler reason: Televisa had lost credibility in a lot of different circles, the most important being the Mexican people. With the new administration lead by Azcarraga Jean, old practices were dumped, and changes at the core were implemented. News is just one of the areas where this has happened. Of course, news is probably the most visible area where these changes have occurred."

Ronald Hilton - 8/11/00