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Protestant Conversion

     Jaqui White brings up the sensitive question of evangelical missionaries in Mexico. She writes:
     "It was more than half a a century ago that the Mexican Government invited Protestant Bible translators to Chiapas to teach Indians to read. For the first several years, the Protestants made few converts, according to Stanford University anthropology professor, George Collier. But by the 1970's, he reports, "The missionaries began to witness a change of heart, especially among the poor."
     My comment: This is a subject which I have followed with care. The Mexican Government was then anti-clerical, and the Catholic Church resented the missionaries, who since then have gone out of their way not to offend the clergy, although there have been complaints about the Catholic cult of images. Pope John Paul's call for reconciliation strikes a new note, but it not clear how effective it will be.

Ronald Hilton - 01/24/99