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THE QUEBEC SUMMIT: Mexico and birth control

Reports on the Quebec summit were mostly about the demonstrators, with little coverage of the actual proceedings. Bienvenido Macario of the Philippines raises an interesting question, in view of the attitude of Bush and Roman Catholic President Fox toward birth control. They seem to have avoided speaking about it in public. Bienvenido says:

"Mexican President Vicente Fox said that NAFTA has a lot more to do for Mexico. I wonder what Mexico is doing on the issue of birth control? Pakistan and China have been declared as having met their goals in their birth control program. [Whose goals? RH].. Following the Mexican tradition called quincenera, a teenage girl's debut at the age of 15, celebrated with a formal party. In the US and in the Philippines the debutante is 18 years of age. I find the quincenera a bit too young and cannot help wondering whether or not this has something to do with teen-age pregnancy, considering that the US has the highest incidence of teen-age among the G-7 nations." [I think the rate in Mexico is much higher RH].

Ronald Hilton - 4/23/01