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MEXICO: Coming of age at 15--the quincenera of quincianera

Elias Castillo comments on the expensdive parties Mexicans give to celebrate a child's fifteenth birthday:

"It's common among middle and upper class families in Mexico. Why? Who knows, since it really doesn't represent much of anything for the girl at that age. The tragedy is that most Mexican immigrant families, who cannot afford it, are throwing these lavish but essentially meaningless affairs for their 15 year old daughters. A Mexican priest friend of mine tells me that he and his fellow priests in Castroville are so appalled at these displays, that they have banned their church's participation in them. Instead, the priests try to encourage the father and mother to save the money for their daughter's future schooling. Mostly, the advice is ignored. Sad."

My comment: Mexican fiestas are great fun, but they can clash with the work ethic which only only way a country can develop.

Ronald Hilton - 4/23/01