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A Reply to Emilio Zertuche

     Dwight Peterson replies:
     "I do not for a moment deny that we Americans have succumbed to a disgusting gun culture which I abhor! However, one must understand that in the last 20 years alone we have had an incredible influx of millions of people, legal and illegal, of every ethnic, religious and economic background imaginable. There are bound to be problems with people thrown together. We have long been a nation of immigrants and our country has assimilated all elements over our short history of independence and we now have 230,000,000 inhabitants. But the last twenty years have been fast and furious and hectic at best and I don't think we have done a very good job so far. But how could we with so little time and resources. Hopefully, we shall get much better. Castro even sent his worst prisoners to us to clear out his jails.
     My retort to Emilio is, The United States of America has been the most generous nation the world has ever known and has given very willingly to Mexico over the years! Healing comes from within and Mexico needs to aggressively and successfully cure its inner cancer in its own Government!!
     Law enforcement agencies and government officials, apparently, are so heavily involved in the narcotics business that there is almost a total shutdown in licit activity within all stages of government. Whoever is not involved in narcotics seems, apparently, to be involved with some other type of corruption and this type of activity has to be stopped before I want my government to give any more aid which benefits these misdeeds!!

     My comment: Both Emilio and Dwight react sharply to criticism of their country. This is significant for WAIS analysis, which involves basically how one people views its own country and others. The turkey versus eagle debate involved national symbols. How do Mexicans feel about the eagle on their flag?
     The renaming of Venezuela "Bolivarian Republic of..." is an attempt to arouse nationalist feelings. How do Venezuelans feel about Colombians, and vice versa? Tongans criticize Samoans, but how would the Samoans respond?

Ronald Hilton - 11/27/99