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Mexico: Religion

     Lance Hool's movie about the St. Patrick's Battalion has stirred the embers of the religious fight in Mexico and the United States. Linda Nyquist asks me:
     Please convey to Lance Hool that I will unable to go to my grave in peace if he does not read Cohen's "The Martyr" about the Carvajal family in New Spain and get it made into a movie.
     My comment: This whole business is full of complexities. We ran some postings about the Jews in Mexico and New Mexico who put on a show of being ardent Catholics but practiced their Jewish rites in secret. Then there were some genuine conversos who did the same thing, even publicly. I reported the existence of sincere Catholics in El Salvador who carry on the Jewish rites. Jews for Jesus, who certainly are sincere, do the same thing.
     The Inquisition sniffed out Judaizantes, but that is history. Now the Catholic Church actually encourages people to preserve their religious customs so long as they obey Catholic doctrine, and it respects other faiths. Pope John Paul II has just apologized publicly for the misdeeds of the Church. I hope the Carvajal family accepts his apologies.

Ronald Hilton - 09/05/99