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Revolution and Pancho Villa

     Aldo Musacchio supports my rejection of the allegation that the científicos impoverished the Mexican masses. He writes:
     I a grad student of the department of History. Before coming to Stanford I worked in a project that studied social mobility and standards of living of Mexican workers in a textile mill in Veracruz from 1890 to 1930. It was the Ph D dissertation of Aurora Gomez Galvarriato (Harvard FAS). The results are quite interesting, for example, the fall in the standards of living before the Revolution was nothing compared to the fall in real wages that the Revolution caused. I would take me a long time to summarize all the results, but you can get in touch with her in Mexico, she is in the Asociacion Mexicana de Historia Economica, just e-mail her from

Ronald Hilton - 4/30/00