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MEXICO and the Rio Group

President Vicente Fox went with a goodly escort, including four state governors, to Santiago, Chile for an official state group and a meeting of the Rio group, which includes most Latin American countries (there was no sign of Fidel Castro, who seems not to have been invited). It was a major event, with the usual boring speeches and interviews. However, an unscheduled event hit the headlines. Jason Nelson sent me this Reuters release:

Governors Found in Topless Cafe,

Four Mexican state governors joining President Vicente Fox on a state visit to Chile were embarrassed when reporters found them inside a coffee house with waitresses wearing the skimpiest of clothes. The governors were encountered late on Thursday inside one of the Chilean capital's ``cafes with legs,'' where waitresses wear G-strings and are either topless or wearing transparent blouses. On seeing the group of reporters, the governors said they had been brought to the cafe by a driver when they simply asked to be taken somewhere for a coffee. A reporter from Mexico's state news agency Notimex said he saw a governor kissing a scantily clad waitress on the cheek, and the incident immediately made it onto Mexico's evening news shows. The four governors quickly left the cafe.

My comment: What cheek Blaming the taxi driver! Passing the buck! That the official Mexican news agency ran the story may have two explanations. Fox was carrying out his promise to respect freedom of the press and to denounce wrongdoing even in the highest spheres, or he may have been glad to embarrass governors belonging to other parties.

Ronald Hilton - 8/19/01