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MEXICO: Santa Anna

Of Santa Anna, Cameron Sawyer, who does not esteem our former president, says: "He sounds like the Mexican Jimmy Carter. But with better military skills". Good Lord, no!! Carter is a Christian gentleman who promotes peace, Santa Anna was a pseudo Napoleon. Napoleon was the model for Latin American dictators. The "Napoleonic legend" had a great impact in Latin America, where Napoleon became a common first name. It was even used in the US, and the legend had an influence on the Civil War. There should be a book on the influence of Napoleon, the man on horseback, in Latin America and in the US. Napoleon's white horse was part of the legend. As for Santa Anna, I doubt if he ever read anything about Napoleon. The legend was in the air. Incidentally, I had a Latin American student whose first name was Napoleon.

Ronald Hilton - 11/20/02