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MEXICO: Spiritualism

Linda Nyquist writes: "The Spiritualist movement is present in Mexico, and Kajsa Finkler has written about it. There is at least one rather active church in Mexico City. President Madero was a spiritualist", Linda has written before about Kajsa Finkler and health in Mexico. I guess she is a Nordic woman, but I do not know what she has written about Spiritualism in Mexico. Mexico's revolutionary hero Francisco Madero was indeed a Spiritualist, and when he joined the movement he changed his name to Francisco Indalecio Madero. Why I do not know. Is a name change a Spiritualist requirement? Why Indalecio, a very Spanish saint, almost unknown generally? Indalecio was an early disciple of St.James. He is buried in San Juan de la Peņa, near Jaca in northern Spain. It was from here that the reconquest of Aragon started, and the kings of Aragon and Navarre are buried here. Madero was educated by Jesuits. Presumably when he joined the Spiritualist movement he turned against the Church. Can a Madero specialist enlighten us? Can someone tell us more about the Spiritualist Church in Mexico?

Ronald Hilton - 7/21/02