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Texan Border: Toxic Chemical Accident

     Regarding the spill which killed masses of fish in the Laguna Padre, Juan Pablo Senosiain asked what chemical it was. As a judge, Jaqui demands the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She got it (almost: see my comment):
     "I would like to tell you that it was Tequila, Mexico's finest, and that the fish went to the Great Beyond with smiles on their little faces, but I cannot prevaricate. The name of the toxic chemical was FURFURAL.
     I really did not like to report this, since I am such a proponent of both Mexico and NAFTA, but this was such a blatant disregard for the safety of our roads, our people, and our ecology, that I felt it should be mentioned. I believe the truck was found to have severely defective brakes, but I am not sure of this. It is so easy to obtain falsified inspection stickers.
     I have just called all the bridges in the area, and have been told that Mexican trucks may come into the US and that US trucks may go into Mexico. They may go only into the Commercial Trade Zone, which is twenty or thirty miles, since the great bulk of commercial traffic is within this zone. This information comes from US Customs. This truck traffic within the designated zone has been effect ever since NAFTA. With the proliferation of maquiladoras, NAFTA has benefited both Mexico and the US. I have just contacted the License and Weights department of the Texas Department of Public Safety, and have learned that the Commercial Trade Zone in Texas is according to counties which are contiguous with the Mexico-US border. These counties are Hidalgo, Cameron, Starr, Webb, and Willacy. Willacy is not on the border per se, but is included. This is called the Commercial Trade Zone, and has been in effect since 1995 with NAFTA. At that time (1995) there was a freeze put on Mexican trucks going into any OTHER parts of the country. Clinton has just re-instituted this freeze due to the condition of the Mexican trucks, I was told."

     My comment: That is the point. Tom Moore says it was re-instituted to ensure that the Teamsters would vote for Gore.

Ronald Hilton - 3/15/00