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MEXICO: The road to prosperity

The Friends of President Fox (Amigos de Fox) have sent out a chain letter explaining what makes a country prosperous.It has been forwarded to me by Jaqui White. It explains at length that prosperity has nothing to do with the antiquity of a civilization, a country's natural resources, or the race or intelligence of its inhabitants. Rather is it adherence to these ten principles: 1. Morality as the basic principle. 2. Order and cleanliness. 3 Honesty. 4 Punctuality. 5. Responsibility. 6. The desire to succeed. 7. Respect for law and rules. 8. Respect for the rights of others. 9. Love of work. 10. Saving and investing. Fox is trying to transform Mexican society following the same lines as the Positivists did when the Científicos ruled Mexico. Their motto was "Order and Progress". That attempt ended in the disgraceful chaos of the Mexican Revolution. Let us hope that Fox has better luck. Transforming a society is not an easy job.

Ronald Hilton - 5/17/03