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MEXICO: the rule of law without formal government

Elias Castillo gives us a Mexican reply to praise of popular "justice": "Perhaps Tom Grey would be very happy living in medieval times and participating as an judge. That was a period noted in which officials, church or otherwise, poured molten lead down a hapless victim's throat, others were drawn and quartered or broken on the wheel and then left to die a slow agonizing death. All of us who consider ourselves civilized abhor cruelty and the savagery that occurred in that Mexican village. Mexican President Fox's administration maintains it is bringing Mexico out a dark void. If he wants to be taken seriously then he had better get a fleet of police helicopters and install two-way radios in villages that can be used to call the helicopters with investigators aboard to take over the probe of serious crimes. If Fox's police officials are serious about cracking down on crime and human rights abuses. then the elders of that village need to be arrested and tried quickly".

Ronald Hilton - 3/18/02