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MEXICO: The Tlatelco Massacre

Raúl Escalante reports: "There isn't much to report, that I know. After much soul-searching, President Fox fulfilled his campaign promise to appoint a special Attorney to investigate the "dirty war". Predictably, it then took ages to fill the position, since it is very unlikely that many people will be satisfied with the result of the investigations, and it is very likely that whoever starts digging up dirt will make himself very dangerous enemies. Finally, a few weeks ago, someone accepted the position (for the life of me, I can neither remember his name nor find it on the web).

I'm not familiar with details, but I imagine Oct. 2 '68 will fall into the lap of the new Attorney, whether by design or logical association. It is an extremely sensitive issue and has festered for so long that it will probably never be resolved satisfactorily.

A Red Cross ambulance driver I used to ride with recalls driving to the scene and not being allowed in by the military. Next day, he claimed he had to truck bodies from Tlatelolco to the "Campo Militar Número Uno" (if true, this would say a lot about the Mexican Red Cross at the time). He seemed very saddened by the whole affair and was reluctant to talk about it".

Ronald Hilton - 1/23/02