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The Threat of Chaos

     Speaking as a Mexican, Emilio Zertuche writes:
     We might have wonderfully organized guerrilla fighters, but we do not have mentally deranged, otherwise normally looking citizens that, just for kicks, go out to kill students or the members of religious congregations. Chaos is far worse when it springs from the way you were raised than when it is born out of political misplaced ideals.
     If chaos is to be measured on the basis of mentally deranged killers, then you should be looking for chaos in your own house instead of looking for the devil in your neighbor's yard. If the United States has such a vital interest in the civic peace of Mexico, the US should also be concerned about the distribution of wealth in our country. Not only of bread lives man, but it is a most important part.

     My comment: I agree almost entirely. The distribution of wealth in Mexico is a disgrace, but in Brazil it is worse. In this country it is just silly. The problem is: how can the U.S. affect Mexico's domestic policies without interfering, provoking resentment without getting any results?
     I agree also about the United States. The gun culture here is resistant to change. I blame not only the gun tradition but also Hollywood, which uses violence to boost sales. Again, it is difficult to get any change. All this will be a prime factor in my decision as to the candidates I support.

Ronald Hilton - 11/26/99