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Mexican Trucks

     Tom Moore of the Hoover Institution said that Clinton was violating NAFTA rules by decimating against Mexican trucks in order to ensure that the Teamsters would vote for Gore. Others denied this, so I asked for the facts. Jaqui White, a very responsible person who lives on the border, sent a report which justified the discrimination. Linda Nyquist gave testimony supporting Jaqui, but as a great friend of Mexico, she has doubts. Aldo Musacchio of Mexico made this comment supporting Tom Moore:
     "The US has denied the entrance of Mexican tucks to the US on the grounds that it is dangerous for Americans to have Mexican truck drivers in their streets (the lobbying group against the Mexican trucks actually paid TV spots in which Mexican trailers appeared running over little children and things like that). On pure economic grounds I think that the US is simply reluctant to comply with NAFTA (and let the Mexican trucks with their drivers drive through the border) because American truck drivers have non-competitive wages. I don't know exactly what a Mexican truck driver makes, but most probably is less that the US minimum wage. Thus Mexican freight companies, like JB Hunt Mexico, are going to have a comparative advantage over their American counterparts. Imagine the share of the operation (variable) costs that the drivers' wages represent. American truck companies and probably even some railway companies should be really scared about loosing the market to Mexican Companies, and American drivers too should be scared because their Mexican counterparts are a cheaper factor of production and are also very good drivers (after driving on Mexican roads for years, American highways are almost like a joke for them). If the fear is that the truck drivers are not going to respect US traffic laws, then why is that thousands of Mexicans that live in the US drive and get driver's licenses every day?"

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/00