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UNAM Strike: U.S. Involvement

     Tim Brown comments on the Bay Area meeting at which UNAM striking students will promote their cause:
     "A few years back, in a very bad movie called "V.I. Warjowski", Katherine Turner repeatedly used a very good line. "When in doubt, follow the money." UNAM students do not buy airline tickets to Oakland nor spend weekends in San Francisco with their own money. Someone is spending $10-15,000 to bring them up, pay for the halls they use, advertise their activities, and promote their cause in the bay area. Find out who is paying the bills and you will know who is behind their activities and exploiting the UNAM strike for political ends. I wonder who it is. Maybe someone with contacts in an airlines office can find out who paid for their tickets."

      My comment: I have been saying this for years regarding the American Indian groups who turned up in places like Rio de Janeiro, Geneva, and Rome to stage anti-US protests. Why reporters have not investigated this I do not know. Probably the airlines and the hotels would refuse to divulge the information, or perhaps things were rigged to that it looked as though the demonstrators had paid themselves.

Ronald Hilton - 3/8/00