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The National University (UNAM)

     Paul Rich, who teaches at the University of the Americas in Puebla, adds these observations to our reports on the UNAM strike:
     "Although the UNAM strike in Mexico City strike is just over nine months in length , it has spanned three semesters. So its effect has been even more serious than would be apparent. Moreover, since the university has a large system of secondary schools attached to it, there are many thousands of high schools students who have been out of school too.
     Another point is that those faculty who have supported the strike, and those faculty who have opposed the strike, have created an atmosphere of hate that probably will continue between the two sides no matter what happens."

     My comment: Strangely, the first building university officials were able to enter was the Center of Cinematographic Studies, which trains movie people. Then they were able to enter the School of Nursing, where there was considerable damage. In addition to wrecked or stolen computers, a number of safes had been blown up in order to steal whatever was inside. This came just as appalling figures were released about the state of education in rural Mexico. The university strikers are common criminals, but it is unlikely that they will be treated as such.

Ronald Hilton - 1/27/00