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UNAM Strike: U.S. Involvement

     It should be clear to all that the student strike at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) is the work of a gang of "students" using the tuition non-issue as a pretext to wreck the university and destabilize the country. Yesterday they invaded the tower where the president's office is located and caused the usual confusion. The Emiliano Zapata Front has emerged as one of the organizers. We hear a lot about U.S. imperialism, but what about the involvement of U.S. universities and other groups in this? "Zapata" has become a code word for revolution. At Stanford the Spanish House which I had established was closed down and replaced with Zapata House, decorated with murals denouncing American reactionaries. I protested and suggested that the house be named Espinosa House in honor of the New Mexican who established Hispanic Studies at Stanford. As usual, my suggestion went unheeded.

     The following announcement is interesting:

     Students Strike for Education with Democracy & Justice!
     A Member of the Consejo General de Huelga (CGH, General Strike Council) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will give an update and speak about the UNAM students' struggle for free public education, democracy and justice in Mexico.
     Sunday, March 12th, 1-4 pm
     Tilden Room in the MLK Student Union Building
     UC Berkeley Campus
     All donations are welcome and will be donated to support the UNAM student strikers work.

     A member of the UNAM General Strike Council (CGH) will be speaking about the recent student strike at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The student strike and takeover of UNAM lasted ten months in an attempt to stop tuition increases, demand democratic reforms, and stop the privatization of the university that would exclude the overwhelming majority of students coming from working class and poor families in Mexico. The strike lasted ten months after a bitter struggle that ended in February after government police forcibly entered UNAM campus to end the strike and carried out mass arrests against the student strikers and leadership.
     Co-sponsored by MEXA de UC Berkeley, Students Organizing for Justice in the Americas, UFW Support Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, Institute for Multiracial Justice, and Comite Emiliano Zapata

     Comite Emiliano Zapata
     P.O. Box 7002
     Oakland, CA 94601
     UNAM CGH Member will also speak on:** Saturday, March 11, 20006:00-9:00 p.m. At the Women's Building in San Francisco as part of International Women's Day celebration.

Ronald Hilton - 3/7/00