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MEXICO: The Virgin of Guadalupe

Some people like the Catholic Church because it keeps the people quiet. Others like liberation theology because it tries to improve their lot. Linda Nyqvist belongs to the latter group: "I find the canonization of Juan Diego shocking. There is a case to be made that converting the Indians really reduced them into submission and servitude and, without offending the sensibilities of those who believe more fervently than I, I cannot see any justification for calling the Virgin of Guadalupe "The Protectress of the Americas." The conditions of the Indians was/is abysmal, and there seems to be little hope for change on the horizon. The Protestants are making tremendous gains. Looking heavenward for comfort makes demanding social change and social justice less likely. I do see this as a a very political move. Now, if they want to canonize Dom Helder Camara -- well, that's another story!"

Ronald Hilton - 7/29/02