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MEXICO: Walk quietly and carry a big stick

I am more respected now that I walk quietly and carry a big stick, a stout, highly decorated stick with a fearsome dog carved on the end. It is a present from Jaqui White, who brought it from Mexico. People ask me cautiously if I use it as a weapon. Well, I could. The other day I saw a politically correct documentary on the conquest of Mexico. It showed the ruthless Spaniards, interested only in gold, killing the Indians and burning Tenochtitlan. A Spanish soldier, tired of war, found an Indian maiden who loved him. They had a child and lived happily ever after. The poor Indians defended themselves with sticks, and it showed one, exactly like mine, with the same dog's head carved on the handle. It must be in some museum, but which one? The Indians stuck shards in it to make it more effective as a weapon. That gives me an idea.

Ronald Hilton - 4/16/02