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Josť Hernandez tars me dark black:

"The Zapata House is probably a better representation for Mexico at Stanford. Your views are typically those of a right-wing Republican. I understand why, but I could not disagree more that your views and your lifestyle better represent the Mexican people. See, most Mexicans never travel abroad, stay in beautiful hotels and eat at marvelous restaurants or chat in high class cafes in Colombia for example; no, most are desperately trying to survive. That's the reason why the Zapatista movement has remained and keeps growing everyday. I think Stanford University has chosen the right people to represent Mexicans;and I know it is hard for you to accept it, but that is REALITY."

My reply: The REALITY is that I am a mugwump, and independent who views both major parties with skepticism. I am deeply aware of the plight of the Mexican people, and am trying honestly to figure out the best way to improve their lot. Josť should be more careful in his use of the tar brush. It was used in painting the Zapata House murals.

Ronald Hilton - 12/14/00