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The Zapatistas

In Puebla this month Tim Brown organized a dialog between former guerrilla leaders and Americans: He comments: "One of my panelists, the former commander of YATAMA, the America's largest authentic Indian army since Emiliano Zapata, and an authentic Miskito Indiam tribal leader in his own right publicly labelled the EZLN's guerrilla war "pura payasada". It ran front page all over Mexico, and was filed by AFP, UP and AP stingers but not picked up in any U.S. media I've seen."

Tim Brown suspects that the stories were suppressed by staff members of the American press. I suspect that it was really just indifference to the details of the Mexican struggle. However, it is true that in the press junior staff members often act as gate keepers.

Ronald Hilton - 03/27/98

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