Different Standards of Truthfulness in Reporting?

Randy Black commended an article at http://www.hillnews.com/york/090904.aspx.  From the UK,John Heelan comments: Presumably Randy Black checked out the writer of the article as thoroughly as he did the Truthout,org article.   If so, he would have found that Byron York is the White House correspondent for the National Review, a right-wing magazine supporting  the Bush Administration.  It includes in its latest offering such "impartial" articles as:
"Let's put Kerry to his global test"
"Surprise! The liberal media are smitten by Kerry"
"President Kerry would turn the clock back on North Korea"
"Kerry is boxed in."
"Kerry is a blast from the past"
[source: http://www.nationalreview.com/]

I suggest that the York article is about as believable as those published in Truthout.org. Which is not very.  It is a surprise that Randy Black, in the cause of journalist integrity, considers the former more trustworthy.

John Heelan

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last updated: November 19, 2004