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2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom

This comes from Ed Jajko:

MEMRI, the Washington-based pro-Israeli Middle East Media Research Institute, has published a "special report" that may be relevant to WAIS's interest in textbooks. The following is an excerpt from the report, with reference to where the entire text may be read.

Organization: MEMRI
From: "MEMRI" Subject: 2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:12:02 -0500
Special Report - PA November 14, 2003 No. 22

A 2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom

Following the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian Authority began to devise new schoolbooks that showed a relative change in content and direction. MEMRI's 2001 study of Palestinian schoolbooks, "Narrating Palestinian Nationalism," found that the Palestinian textbooks produced after Oslo reflected a general attempt to lessen the virulence of anti-Israel venom, as direct incitement significantly declined while a serious effort was made to enhance values such as democracy and freedom.(1)

By 2003, however, a newly-printed textbook produced by the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education titled "Islamic Culture," intended for students in the 11th grade, shows a return to incitement for Jihad and martyrdom.(2)

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This fits in with the posting which mentioned this aspect of Palestinian textbooks and contrasted it with the absence of such incitements in Israeli textbooks. However, in the last two days the Arafat government has announced an end to violence and the search for peace with Israel. We do not know if this will stick. Textbooks have a difficult time keeping up with political events. I suggest that David Pike, who is in charge of our history textbook project, contact MEMRI.

Ronald Hilton - 11.15.03