Christophet Jones says: "There is a very pronounced north/south problem in Portugal.  The north is rainy, religious and conservative, while the south (beginning at Santarém or so) is socialist and sunny. You also mentioned that at a luncheon, some Portuguese favored the restoration of the monarchy.  Love of the old monarchy is still very prevalent in the smaller towns of the north, in and around Braga.  I once entered a fire department building in Valença do Minho and was surprised to see next to the president's picture the photo in a silver frame of Dom Duarte, duke of Bragança, the pretender to the throne!  Big family money and in particular, Big Spanish Money has invaded the south, including Lisbon, and prices have skyrocketed out of control.  The south will never recover from the World Expo -- I often wonder why revolutions don't break out when it is announced that the Olympics or a World Expo are coming to down -- they are social killers".

RH:Les Robinson and his wife Nancy are leaving for a month's tour of Portugal, and Les must report back to us. The effect of world events on cities can be positive.  Barcelona was greatly improved, and so was Athens by the Olympics. Can Les comment on "The south will never recover from the World Expo"? What effect has the European soccer games had? Has the ancient Portuguese hatred of Spain disappeared?

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